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Some years ago, a woman was telling me about her upcoming wedding. She and her fiance had just come back from visiting florists.
 “He really didn’t want flowers,” she said. “He said that nobody notices them anyway. I told him that might be true, but if there were no flowers everyone would notice.”
 Editing is similar; done poorly—or not at all—everyone notices. When it’s done well, it’s invisible.
I do it well—make it invisible.
Everyone says they can edit well. Why do I say I can?
I have a degree in Journalism and a minor in English. From way back when, about 10 BC (before computers), when people really taught English and we really learned it. And I’ve been using that education, consistently, regularly, ever since. Most recently, I’ve also enhanced my skills with training in copy editing and proofreading through the University of Washington’s Extension program.

I’ve edited newsletters, technical manuals, resumes, web pages and books. Most recently, I’ve been editing books. My recent projects included a memoir/how-to guide on recovery from crystal meth addiction (content editing), an historical fiction piece (copy editing), science fiction, and mystery.
What Editing Does:
Copy editors are advocates for the readers. We look for consistency in style and tone. We know the guidelines for grammar, usage and punctuation, helping writers to communicate effectively with their readers.
$3.00 per page, for standard editing.
For more extensive (content) editing, the fee is $25.00 per hour.
Proofreading is $20 per hour for under 100 pages;  2¢ per page for longer manuscripts.
 All fees are payable in advance and I take PayPal, so payment is easy.
OK; I'm ready!!