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An experienced writer/editor/interviewer.
A degree in Journalism and a virtual second one in English.
This means I know how to write and write well. I know how to listen and what kinds of questions to ask.
I know grammar, spelling and punctuation, backwards and forwards, inside and out.
Ten years experience in preparing resumes.

And recognized as one of Thumbtack's "Best of"  for 2015".

I want to tell stories that put you to sleep.
Not every good writer will tell you that.
But I will.
Because I can.
Why do I say this? What do I mean by this?

I know you worry about your business. You really want it to succed, but to succeed it has to grow. To grow you have to reach more customers, expand your customer base.
Your potential customers have problems too, which you know you can solve. You need to show them that you can do that…solve their problems.
You have lots of loyal customers who'd love to tell the world about the way that you solved that exact same problem for them, with successful results.
That's what a case study is…a testimonial.
And that's where I come in.

By working with your satisfied customers, I will tell their story—YOUR story.
Potential customers, who are kept awake worrying about how to solve their problem, will find this and read this. They'll say, "This sounds great! These good people can solve my problem."
They'll contact you and you'll effectively work with them and solve their problem with them.
They'll sleep better at night, their challenge overcome. You'll sleep better, your mind at ease because your customer base is increasing and your profits are improving.
That's how I put you to sleep at night.